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Top Courses to Study in the USA as an International Student

USA claims to be home to most of the world’s best colleges. International students who want to study abroad select the USA as their study destination. The United States (USA) enrol more than 1.1 million international students. The best courses to study in the USA are business management, math, science, engineering and more.


It can be difficult to choose, which program is suitable to apply. Applicants have several options based on their interests and courses chosen. This comprehensive guide will cover the top courses to study in the USA as an international student and offer excellent job prospect in the country.


Why Study in the USA?


USA is the home to several universities, which are well-recognized globally. Before starting the top courses in the USA for international students, let’s see why to study in the USA:

  1. Renowned Education Expertise:

American institutes ranked top spot worldwide for many years. The universities have earned praise for high education standards and excellent academic performance from UK, Canada, and other countries.

  1. Diversity of International Students:

In the US, students come from a variety of cultures, religions, and nationalities to study under a single roofing. It promotes equality and unity among the new aspirants. Students can explore study in USA, can interact with students from different cultural background and make new friends.

  1. Range of Courses:

Institutes in the USA offers a several finest courses & explore diverse population.

The universities offer undergraduate, masters and doctoral level programs to the students. Students can apply to the courses they wish to pursue.

  1. Extraordinary Career Opportunities:

Gaining an international degree increases exposure to the world. After completing their studies in the USA, many students return home in quest of well-paying positions. Students looking for long-term employment options can also apply for internships offered by US institutions.

  1. Earn while studying:

Students can work on-campus for 20 hrs/ week under F1 visas & can work for 40 hrs/week during holidays. If you want to work off-campus, then students must take permission from US Immigration Services as under F1 visa they are not allowed to work off-campus.


What are the top courses to study?   

The top ten courses that international students should take to study in the USA are:


Top courses to study in USA


  1. Business Management
  2. Engineering
  3. Computer science & mathematics
  4. Media Studies & communication
  5. Medicine
  6. Business analytics
  7. Social science
  8. Finance
  9. Physics


  • Business Management:

Among all the fields to study in the USA, business management is the most popular choice for Indian students; more than twenty percent of international students enroll in courses related to this field.

With the largest economy in the world, the United States of America (USA), there are a lot of job opportunities for students. This goes beyond the US market, as one of the best opportunities for high-paying jobs both domestically and abroad is an MBA from a reputable US university. Among the highest paid professionals in the United States are these graduates.

Look at the well-liked business management disciplines listed below:

  1. Human resource
  2. Banking & insurance
  3. Finance
  4. Sales and marketing
  5. International business
  6. Digital marketing
  7. Organizational management


Below are the best business schools for MBA in the USA:

S no. University
1 MIT Sloan School of Management
2. NYU Stern School of Business
3. University of Chicago Booth
4 Ross School of Business
5. Stanford Graduate School of Business
6. Harvard Business School
7. Boston University Questrom school of Business
  • Engineering:

Engineering is one of the most popular majors among Indian students studying in the USA because it offers the best courses and the highest earning potential for professionals. It is one of the most lucrative professions in the nation and occupies a prominent position. International engineering students rank second only to those enrolled in business-related courses when it comes to student enrollment data.

Some of the most significant wages in the field are offered by particularly profitable specializations like mechanical and civil engineering. Look at the following list of well-liked engineering fields:

  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Chemical Engineering
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Engineering Management

Below is the list of top engineering institutes:

Sno Universities
1. New York University School of Engineering
2. University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering
3. Duke University
   4. Cornell University
   5. University of Pittsburgh
   6. Hofstra University
  • Computer Science & Mathematics:

Following business and engineering, Math, and computer science—important subsets of the STEM domain—attract a notable number of international students.

As a result, the combined impact of STEM disciplines accounts for a noteworthy thirty percent of all international students enrolled in the USA, thereby cementing their standing as the top courses and highest-paying career pathways in the country. prestigious universities such as MIT, Stanford, and Harvard are well known for being the best places to study computer science and mathematics.

Look at the well-liked computer science and math fields listed below:

  • Computer Engineering
  • Cyber Security
  • Database administration
  • Information technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Web Development

Below is the list of top computer science institutes:

Sno. Universities
1 Stanford University
2 University of California
3 Cornell University
4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5 University of Washington
6 Northeastern University
7 Duke University
8 Yale University
  • Media Studies & Communication:

This area of study provides an engrossing investigation of how people interact with media and the significant impacts these exchanges have on viewers.

You will study the field of information technology and its broad effects on society in this discipline. Additionally, you’ll learn about the powerful fields of propaganda and advertising and how people’s decisions are influenced by them. You can investigate a range of career options in the fascinating media industry, including producing, editing, and reporting.

Look at the well-liked fields of communication and media studies listed below:

  • Ethics & journalism
  • Media entrepreneurship
  • Contemporary Visual Narratives
  • Records, society & accountability

Below is the list of top institutes:

Sno University
1. Northeastern University
2. University of Pennsylvania
  3. Cornell University
  • Medicine:

One of the most popular majors among international students is medicine, which offers high-paying jobs and great benefits after graduation. Numerous prestigious medical schools are available to you, and they will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in this field both domestically and globally.

Look at the following well-known medical fields:

  • Health studies
  • Pharmacology & Pharmacy
  • Nutrition
  • Optometry
  • Medical technology

The best medical schools in the United States are listed below.

Sno Universities
1. Harvard University
2. Stanford University
3. Duke University
4 Columbia University
5 University of California
6 Northwestern University
7. Yale University
  • Physics:

Physics is the study of matter’s behavior at smaller dimensions of existence. Everything is contained in it, including stars, galaxies, and atoms and molecules. If you want to understand why things happen the way they do, this course is for you. Physics helps us understand the world by looking at things from different perspectives.

There are many options and career paths available to those who wish to pursue a college degree in physics. These jobs require a variety of skills in addition to a general understanding of physics and can be found in a wide range of industries and work environments.

 Look at the following list of well-known Physics fields:

  • Mathematics techniques
  • Quantum
  • Plasma
  • Fluids
  • General relativity

The top Physics universities in the USA:

Sno. Universities
1 Stanford University
2 Columbia University
3 California Institute of Technology
4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5 University of California
6 Cornell University

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  • Business Analytics:

More than ever, businesses require data scientists and business analysts. Since every business decision is now backed by data and forecasting is looked at across all data points, data science and corporate analytics is fast moving up the list of the most popular courses to study in the USA.

In addition to being in great demand on the job market, data scientists and business analysts also receive some of the best pay packages.

Below is the list of well-known business analysts:

Sno. Universities
1 MIT Sloan School of Management
2 New York University
3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4 Arizona State University
5 The University of Chicago
6 University of Pennsylvania
7 Michigan State University
8 Northwestern University
9 Columbia University
  • Social Science:

When looking for an education in the United States, international students frequently choose the social sciences. Economics is one of the most highly regarded subjects and can lead to very successful careers in the country. This field of study includes a broad range of topics, from international relations and economics to anthropology and journalism.

Look at the following list of well-known social science fields:

  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Anthropology
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Psychology

Below is the list of top economics universities in the USA:

Sno Universities
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2 Columbia University
3 Yale University
4 University of California
5 Northwestern University
6 University of Pennsylvania
7 Saint Louis University
8 Cornell University
  • Finance:

A master’s degree in finance is a great option for individuals looking for excellent postgraduate programs in the United States. A STEM-designated MS in Finance course is offered by many US universities, giving graduates the tools, they need to pursue careers in corporate finance, investment banking, and investment management.  Because of its unique STEM classification, this course is especially appealing to international students.

Below is the list of top finance universities in the USA:

Sno Universities
1 University of Pennsylvania
2 University of California
3 University of Michigan
4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5 Arizona State University
6 Cornell university
7 Boston University
8 Northwestern University
9 University of Washington
10 Duke University


Lastly, USA offers a wide range of courses to study for the Indian students. Whether applicants are interested in technology, nursing, business, or any other programs. However, remember to choose to right courses which involves several factors to study in the USA. For more information, visit DY Immigration office for expert guidance.



Q 1. Which American course is most suitable for Indian students?

Ans: For Indian students, math and computer science are the finest subjects to study in the USA since they are among the STEM fields that, after business and engineering.


Q2. Which US program leads to more employment?

Ans: There are many work options available to international students studying various courses in the United States. There is strong preference for professions like IT, computer engineering, business management, and medicine.


Q3. Which USA degree is the hardest?

Ans: In the US, the top three hardest college majors are:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology &
  • Architecture


Q4. How much money is needed to study in the United States?

Ans: The approximate yearly cost of studying in the United States for overseas students, including living expenses and tuition, is between $25,000 and $45,000 (INR 20,67,093 – INR 37,20,768).


Q5. In the US, which stream pays well?

Ans: Top on the list if you’re seeking for high-paying careers in the US is the medical field. The healthcare industry comprises most of the top 20 highest-paying professions.