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Fall intake in USA 2025-26

Fall Intake in USA 2025-2026: Documents, Admission Process & more

For overseas students, fall intake in USA (United States of America) is the top choice. The United States (US) has long been a popular choice for students looking to study abroad, whether it is due to its allure as a developed nation or its allure as Silicon Valley.

In the upcoming years, there will be a growth in the number of applications from overseas students as the USA gains popularity every day.  Only a select few students will have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams due to the large volume of candidates.

Knowing when to apply is the first step towards achieving this. It is essential for seizing the ideal opportunity when it presents itself. Read the blog to know about the application process, deadlines, courses for the Fall Intake in USA.


Why Study in USA?

Most of the international students are enrolled for institutes in the United States of America (USA). Many Indian students choose to study in the USA for a variety of reasons such as:


  1. Top-Notch universities:

 The USA has some of the top-notch universities. According to the Times Higher Education 15 out of 20 universities are American like Stanford, MIT & Harvard university.

  2. Distinct Courses:

Universities in the USA offer a several programs with majors, allowing students to explore and specialize in their desired fields.

   3. Opportunities for Research:

The USA provides various opportunities for research, innovation, and hands-on experience in various fields.

    4. Grants Available:

Universities offered several grants and scholarships to the Indian students. These aids & scholarships helps students to make study accessible.

     5. Cultural Display:

Students who are studying in the USA, experience American traditions & meet people from all around the world.

     6. English Expertise:

For international students, study in the USA can upgrade applicant English skills.




Kinds of Intakes in USA:


The USA offers two main intakes for those interested in studying abroad: the Fall Intake and the Spring Intake. Although the spring intake’s programs start in January, applications must be submitted between July and December of the prior year. Most students who want to study abroad, however, prefer the fall intake in USA, which is the most popular. Fall semester classes begin in late August / early September.

Summer intake is the third intake season. However, during this season, only a small number of universities offer programs.

Here is a brief comparison of these intakes:




Time Period


Fall 2025

August end 2025 or September 2025

September till December 2025

January Beginning 2026

Spring 2026 (Secondary)

January 2026

January to May 2026

Summer 2025

May 2025

May to August 2025


What exactly is the Fall Intake in USA?


In the USA, the semester that begins in late August or early September is referred regarded as the fall or September intake. It is the main intake for courses starting in September and ending in December. Since more courses are available during this time, students tend to prefer the fall intake, which is also the most prevalent intake period.


This is mostly due to the large range of courses available for this intake and the larger amount of financing is available.


Benefits of applying for Fall intake in USA:


For the reasons listed below, fall admission is the most favored semester at all USA universities:

  1. Fall signifies the beginning of an educational year in the United States. Consequently, this is the period that most colleges offer their main programs.
  2. There are additional scholarship and financial aid opportunities for students enrolled in the fall semester. More chances, more grants, and more programs.
  3. After being accepted for the fall intake, students typically have an easier time finding internships and employment. It’s not the off-season, so now is the ideal time to start looking for a part-time job or internship.
  4. For students who are interested in networking and other on-campus activities, it is ideal.There will be more opportunities for individual to form friendships and have a great time while advancing profession because the class numbers are typically larger.
  5. Despite what many people believe, applying to universities during the fall semester may not be more difficult. Increased curriculum offerings and larger class numbers offset the impact of competition.


Universities offer fall intake in USA:

Many prestigious universities offer courses in the fall intake in USA. Top US universities that are providing fall admissions programs include the following:



Harvard University

Stanford University

California Institute of Technology

Boston University

North Carolina State University

University of Pittsburgh

Georgia Tech

University of California Berkeley

Yale University

New York University

University of Minesota

Michigan State University

Ohio State University

Texas University

Cornell University

Arizona State University

University of Notre Dame

Princeton University

Columbia University

Virginia Tech


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Documents Required for Fall Intake in USA:

Make sure applicants have all the required paperwork ready before submitting for fall intake in USA:


Documenrt Required for Fall intake in USA


  1. Educational Transcripts:

Educational transcripts must be issued by the university directly to students.   Transcript submission guidelines vary throughout universities; check their website for precise details. Students must have WES examine the transcripts or mark sheets to be considered for MS admissions to certain US universities.

WES evaluations must be submitted to the university via WES and take approximately one month to complete. Therefore, it is advisable to begin the transcript (or WES review) procedure in July.


  1. SOP (Statement of Purpose):

Candidates get the opportunity to present themselves to their ideal university and persuade them that they are the ideal candidate for their program through SOP. Like a personal essay, it summarizes educational history, professional aspirations, and interest for the subject individual have selected.

  1. LOR (Letter of Recommendations):

Applicants need to submit application two or three recommenders. These might be supervisors, instructors, or anyone candidate previously collaborated with.

Professionals in the workforce ought to have at least one manager or team lead endorsement.

Start gathering letters of recommendation as soon as possible because it can take some time. In this manner, applicant can prepare them ahead of time while completing their application forms.


  1. English Language Test:

To prove fluency in the language, universities demand students to take an English proficiency exam such as TOEFL, PTE, IELTS, or Duolingo.  most US universities recognize the TOEFL or IETLS.

IELTS – 7 or above

TOEFL- 100


  1. GRE/GMAT:

The GRE or GMAT is the additional exam required for entrance to master’s programs. These tests are crucial to the success of the application. The chances of being admitted to the university of choice increases. 

Most MS programs need the GRE. It is more acceptable to use the GMAT for MBA programs.


  1. Additional Records

Students will also need to submit a CV or résumé in addition to the standard paperwork, which includes passport and passport-size pictures. To find out what other documents the institution might need, visit the course page on their website. By the end of July, make sure to have thoroughly gone over the list and have gathered all required documentation.


Application Process for Fall intake in USA:


Carefully follow these instructions, students may easily handle the US fall intake admissions process and assure spot in a great university:

  1. Start the application process by extensively researching the various colleges and courses that are offered. To find the program that best fits, consider several aspects such the school’s reputation, the courses it offers, the cost and other payment methods, and applicant own preferences.
  2. Examine the standardized tests that the university and program of choice. To obtain competitive scores, actively prepare for and take the required exams, such as the SAT, ACT, GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, or PTE.
  3. Put together the necessary documents for application, such as transcripts, a complete academic résumé or CV, evidence of English language skills, SAT, GMAT, ACT, or GRE scores, an engaging statement of purpose (SOP), and letters of reference (LORs) from significant people.
  4. If candidate expect to receive important exam results later than expected, they could apply with a conditional offer letter. As the spot is reserved awaiting the submission of scores, this shows that applicant is dedicated to the program.
  5. Once student get an admission letter from the university of choice, start the application procedure for an F1 student visa. assemble the required papers, which include passport, identification, the receipt for the application fee, a picture, and any additional required documentation.


Application Deadline for Fall 2025 intake:


Application Type


Decision on Admission

Rolling admissions

 Differs Typically, in 4-6 weeks
Typical Decision January or Feb 2024

March or April 2024

Early Action

November 2024 December 2024
Early Decision November 2024

December 2024


Application Deadline for Fall 2026 intake:


Application Type


Decision on Admission

Rolling admissions

 Differs Typically, in 4-6 weeks
Typical Decision January or Feb 2025

March or April 2025

Early Action

November 2025 December 2025
Early Decision November 2025

December 2025


Advice for Students Applying to  Fall Intake in USA:


Take into consideration these helpful pointers to expedite the application process and raise chances of success:

  1. Establish an Ordered Documentation

Make use of an Excel spreadsheet to keep a thorough record of the details of the college’s candidate selected. This contains the titles of the programs, links to the courses, due dates, expenses, typical cost of living, essay questions (if any), application links, and login information for their application. Students can be sure that they have all the necessary information at fingertips with this systematic technique.


  1. Follow an Organized Schedule

Create a well-organized timetable to help candidate for successfully managing normal activities and exam preparation. Allocate sufficient time for studying while adhering to a regular schedule. Academic objectives can be met with the aid of this methodical technique.


  1. Give early deadlines priority.

Most of US institution admissions priority deadlines occur in November and December. It’s important to be aware of these dates because some colleges will be starting their normal deadlines for Fall during these months.


  1. Adjust the Timeline to the Year

The months that are indicated pertain to the year that precedes desired start year. For example, if applicant want to start master’s degree in the fall of 2025, complete this process in the equivalent month of 2024.

Students may apply to US universities with assurance if they follow these tips, and  have the best chance of getting into the university of their choice. Recall that in this cutthroat environment, meticulous preparation and coordination are essential for success.


Finally, for 2025 or 2026, overseas students have a fantastic opportunity to pursue higher education in one of the top nations in the world during the September/Fall Intake in the USA. The application procedure is clear-cut, competitive, and well-organized. It is also transparent.

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Q1. Which USA universities accept students in the fall?

Ans: Among the US institutions accepting students for fall 2024 are:

1. Harvard University

2. Stanford University

3. The University of Princeton

4. University of Cornell

5. University of New York


Q2. What is the USA’s September intake?

Ans: In the US, the September intake, often known as the fall intake, begins in late August or early September. When it comes to overseas students who want to study in the US, this is one of their top choices.


Q3. What are the advantages of fall intakes in USA?

Ans: In the US, some advantages of fall intake include: 

1. Availability of well-liked, flagship programs and majors

2. Increased accessibility to scholarships and financial aid

3. An infinite supply of internship and employment possibilities


Q4. Which are the two popular intakes in the USA?

Ans: In the United States, spring and fall admissions are the two most popular times to study.