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Why Australia

Why Australia is better than Other Countries for Study?

Australia is a vast and various nation situated on the Southern side of the equator. After Canada, Australia has been one of the most preferred study-abroad places among Indians and from other countries. The two of them draw in almost half of the international applicants consistently.

It has a top-notch institutes, and scholarship options provided to the students. The country has more than 3,84,000 international applicants from 140 nations. 

Read this blog to check why Australia is better than other countries to study abroad.


Why Choose Australia?


There are several reasons for students to choose Australia over other countries. Many students are opting to study for its world-class education, work opportunities, and living. It has top-notch institutes/universities to explore and a variety of courses like undergraduate, Graduate, and Master’s programs.


Difference Between Australia & Canada Education System:


Canada’s teaching system includes kindergartens, schools, and colleges. More than 10,000 UG and PG courses are provided in several colleges/ universities. Most Indian students take Medical, IT, and Engineering courses in Canada for quality education. The government offers scholarships, aid, and grants in Canada for international students.

It has a three-layered school system that follows the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) guidelines. The schooling system is split into 10 levels. 


Australia Qualification Framework


  • Levels 1 – 4 include certificate courses.
  • Level 5 are Diploma programs. 
  • Level 6 are PG associate and diploma degrees. 
  • Levels 7 and 8 address Bachelors and certificates. 
  • Level 9 means graduate degrees.
  • Level 10 includes PhD or doctorate certificates.


Why Studying in Australia better than the USA?


Studying anywhere in the world depends on individual choices, goals, and circumstances. Both countries offer world-class education. Colleges in Australia are notable for their enlightening eminence. It has a different society, which makes it a welcome spot for international students. The crime rates are meagre compared to the USA. Australia is the safest. 

International students can work on and off campus for 20 and 40 hours per week during holidays, but rules and regulations are strict in the USA.


Why Studying in Australia is better than the UK?


Both offer excellent educational opportunities but have unique characteristics. The tuition fees in Australia are often lower than in the UK. The shorter duration program can lead to cost savings.


Even though the UK has prestigious institutes, Australian universities are well recognized for their quality of education. Studying in Australia provides excellent chances to improve the English Language.



Best Cities to Study in Australia:

According to the Student Cities Ranking, 7 Australian towns are included in top 100 best cities. Check out the best cities for overseas students:

  1. Melbourne:

With its diverse culture and tranquil surroundings, Melbourne is a desirable study abroad location for international students.

  1. Sydney:

Due to its concentration of international corporations and abundance of job prospects, Sydney continues to be a popular choice. It is renowned for perfectly blending the modern conveniences of a big city with the scenic splendor of the outdoors.

  1. Brisbane:

Renowned for its natural beauty, outdoor lifestyle, diverse society, and excellent education at reasonable prices, these attributes help it to rank among the top 30 best student cities. 

  1. Adelaide:

It is home to esteemed universities including the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, and Flinders University. It is also a city with stunning natural features.

  1. Perth:

One of the greatest cities in the world, according to the  World University Rankings, is home to three universities. For students, it offers a great deal.

  1. Canberra:

Australia’s capital city, Canberra, is home to the Australian National University. There are many international students attending it from various nations.

  1. Gold Coast:

It is the most reasonably priced city with top-notch educational institutions, including Griffith University, and stunning scenery.



Best Universities To Choose:


Australian colleges are perceived overall for their scholastic greatness and spotlight on viable information utilizing modern educating styles. Here is the list of the Universities for international students:



Charles Stuart University

Griffith University

IIBIT Federation

INTO- The University of Western Australia

Navitas – Deakin University

RMIT University

Western Sydney University

Le Cordon Bleu

Educo Australia

Charles Darwin University

Monash University

Central Queensland University

Navitas – Edith Cowan College

University of Melbourne

The University of Queensland


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Best Courses for Study:


 Applicants who want to pursue their further education, here is the list of programs students can choose:




Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering

3 years

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

3 years

Masters in Business Administration

2 years

Master of Laws

1 year

Master’s in computer science

2 years

Master in Data Science

1-2 years

Master in Applied Economics

2 years

Master of Science in Information Technology

2 years

Master of Arts in English Literature

2 years


The duration of the courses may vary from program to program of the universities.


Reasons to Study in Australia:


  • It is the most preferred study place globally as more than 7 lakh international students are learning.
  • Australian degrees hold a well-known recognition around the world.
  • The Australian Government offers international students around 3,000 grants, scholarships, and bursaries.
  • It is considered the safest country in the world for students; some cities have the lowest crime rates.
  • People here are very welcoming & friendly, which makes it a better place for students to learn and grow.
  • While studying, students can work for 40 hours every two weeks.


Australia vs Canada PR:


The initial step is to apply for PR to get comfortable in an outside country like Canada or Australia. Check out the PR-related data for both countries are below.


  • Getting PR in Canada is very easy. Applicants who want to apply for PR must have a post-graduation work Permit, as the government of Canada is looking for skilled workers. Apply for PR under the Canadian Experience Class.


  • Getting a PR in Australia is a tedious cycle. Applicants want at least a 65 score to apply for PR. The migration authorities conduct an intensive background verification of the contender to avoid fake activities. Because of an extensive methodology, the PR grant might expect you to show restraint.



Finally, choosing a country for your further studies depends on the applicant’s decision and career goals. Study in Australia offers students a diverse culture and better opportunities for the future. Planning to study abroad, visit our office and talk with our experts team for proper guidance.




Q1. For what reason is Australia the best country?

Ans: It is considered the best country to live in because of its remarkable life, best schooling, multicultural and safe climate, and beautiful magnificence of nature.


Q2. For what reason is Australia awesome for Worldwide understudies?

Ans: Top instructive organizations, energetic urban communities, grand scenes, and beautiful seas are among the reasons that energize global understudies to pick Australia to study.


Q3. Is PR readily available in Australia?

Ans:Well, PR is a tiresome process in comparison to Canada. PR is readily available in Canada. Applicants have submitted the required documents and wait for some specific time.


Q4. Any other scholarships are available in Australia?

Ans:Yes, it offers several government and private scholarships based on the student’s eligibility.


Q5. What type of courses can applicants choose in Australia?

Ans:Students can apply for Undergraduate and Post-Graduate courses based on the applicant profile.