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UK universities for Masters

Top 10 Universities in UK for Masters

One of the most frightening questions to stalk if students intend to pursue master’s degree in the UK is “Which are the best UK universities for masters for a secure career?” In the UK, there are over 100 institutions that provide master’s degrees in various subjects. Confusion is exacerbated by this long list of the best master’s universities in the United Kingdom. Thus, what is the best way to select a UK university or college?


Here are the best master’s colleges in the UK in detail that clear up any confusion by providing  the information applicant needs about the universities. Now let’s get started!


Why Study in UK?


For every student, choosing to study abroad is a life-changing experience. Students must have strong arguments before deciding between multiple options for a study destination and academic institution. Here are some justifications for considering the UK as study abroad location:



Why study in UK?


  1. Education Quality:

4 universities in the UK ranks in top 10, according to the QS World University Ranking. The four universities are: University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University College London, and University of Cambridge.


  1. Financial Aids:

International students can access to multiple scholarships available in the UK. Commonwealth Scholarships, GREAT scholarships are some of the financial aid offered to the students.


  1. Adventure and Recreation:

The UK is a fascinating destination when it comes to discover historical sites, musical performances & cultural festivals. Universities have a rich history in the UK & attending one of these institutes allows to contribute to his legacy.


  1. Budget-Friendly Education:

The cost and tuition fees are less as the academic degree in the UK obtain less time compared to other countries. Furthermore, when compared to other English-speaking countries like Australia and the USA, the total cost of an academic career is less expensive which includes both tuition and living expenses.


  1. Short Duration Courses:

The length of courses offered in the UK is shorter than in the USA or Canada. Therefore, if a bachelor’s degree is pursued full-time, it will take only three years in the UK instead of the four years. Likewise, in the UK, a master’s degree can be completed in just a year, in contrast to many other nations.


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Top Universities for Masters in UK:


The UK has some of the best universities in the world for master’s degrees. To help students succeed in professional professions, they provide them with a wealth of materials, efficient teaching techniques, internship possibilities, and exposure to other countries.

Among the best universities in the UK for master’s degrees are:



University of Oxford



University of Cambridge

Imperial College London


Universities College London (UCL)

The University of Edinburgh


University of Manchester

King’s College London


University of Warwick

The University of Bristol


The London school of Economics & Political Science



Let’s examine each of these top master’s universities in the UK in more detail:


      1.University of Oxford:

The renowned University of Oxford tops the list of MS-worthy UK universities. Humanities, mathematics, physical and biological sciences, and medical sciences & social sciences are the university’s four academic divisions. Apart from its outstanding academic reputation, the historic university is home to several iconic structures like the cathedral, Ashmolean Museum, Bodleian Libraries, and Sheldonian Theatre. Consequently, Oxford University offers a plethora of activities to enjoy.


Founded               1096
University Type        Public university
Estimated Tuition fees         £ 28,000 per year*
Popular courses
  • Masters in financial economics
  • Master of Advanced Computer Science
  • MSc Software & System Security


  • Weidenfeld scholarship
  • Duke of Cambridge scholarship
  • Chevening scholarship
  • Clarendon scholarships



        2. University of Cambridge:

The university of Cambridge is most well-known university in UK for Masters. It’s the 4th oldest university globally. The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses for the international students.


Founded         1209
University Type      Collegiate public university
Estimated Tuition fees         £ 33,000*
Popular courses
  • Masters in finance
  • MPhil in Engineering
  • Masters in medical science
  • MPhil Advanced Computer science
  • Commonwealth scholarship
  • Prince Philip scholarship
  • Felix scholarships
  • Cambridge masters studentship


      3. Imperial college London:

One of the greatest venues to pursue any of the STEM specializations is Imperial College London. One of the greatest MS colleges in the UK is Imperial College, which focuses on science and medical, engineering, and business. The university offers research-driven instruction that exposes students to real-world problems.


Founded         1907
University Type          Public university
Estimated Tuition fees           £ 35,700*
Popular courses
  • Master of Science in financial technology
  • MSc investment & Wealth management
  • Master of Public health (MPH)
  • MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering (Biotechnology)


  • Sanctuary scholarship
  • External scholarship
  • International scholarship
  • Presidential scholarships



     4. (UCL) University College London:

Rather than just memorizing facts, University College London encourages students to think freely, discover their own pathways, and investigate every subject in-depth and independently. The vibrant atmosphere and first-rate facilities of the UCL campus are well-known. The institution provides a range of excellent courses taught by London’s top teachers. With its robust student community, meditation rooms, and entertainment centers, this campus offers a unique learning environment.


Founded           1826
University Type        Public university
Estimated Tuition fees          £ 25,000*
Popular courses
  • Master of Science in System Engineering management
  • MSc in Space Science & Engineering
  • Master of Science in Sport Medicine, Exercise & health
  • MSc in Technology Management


  • Chevening scholarship
  • DeepMind scholarship
  • Telles scholarship
  • UCL Undergraduate bursary




      5. The University of Edinburgh:

The university of Edinburgh offer several courses in arts, social science, medicine, veterinary medicine, and engineering for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. This university makes it easier to collaborate with experts in the subject and acquire real-world experience.


Founded            1583
University Type        Public university
Estimated Tuition fees        £ 34,000*
Popular courses
  • Master of Science in accounting & Finance
  • MBA (Executive Master of Business Administration)
  • Master of Science in Finance, Technology & Policy
  • MSc in Advanced Power Engineering


  • Edinburgh Doctoral college scholarship
  • Gen Foundation Scholarship
  • Robertson International Scholarship
  • Commonwealth scholarships



    6.  University of Manchester:

The university of Manchester is a prestigious and a part of Russell Group in the UK. This university id the best choice for Indian students who want to study science and engineering courses. The university offers more than 70 areas of academic study in undergraduate and master’s courses.


Founded            1824
University Type            Public university
Estimated Tuition fees             £ 28,000*
Popular courses
  • Master of Science in Business Psychology
  • MSc in Human Resource management & Industrial Relations
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics
  • MSc in Accounting & Finance
  • Alliance MBS Masters Scholarships
  • GREAT scholarships
  • Global Futures scholarship



  7.   King’s College London:

King’s College offers several courses such as undergraduate, postgraduate, and short courses in health areas such as psychiatry, medicine, nursing, and Dentistry. The college provide several scholarships for international students. More than 15,000 students graduates from 190 countries globally.


Founded                 1829
University Type           Public university
Estimated Tuition fees             £ 29,000*
Popular courses
  • Master of Science in Advanced Computing
  • MSc in Cyber Security
  • Master of arts in Ancient History
  • MSc in Robotics
  • Master of science in Engineering (Management)
  • Christ the King Scholarship
  • Undergraduate International Scholarship
  • King’s Business School Scholarship
  • St. Joseph Scholarships



     8. (LSE) London School of Economics & Political Science:

One of the best schools in the world for teaching young people about politics and money is the London School of Economics and Political Science. For those interested in policy making, finance, business studies, or an MBA, this is the top university. The LSE master’s programs are structured to enable students to apply what they have learned to practical settings. Let’s examine its more parameters.


Founded             1895
University Type             Public university
Estimated Tuition fees             £ 18,000*
Popular courses
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA)
  • MSc in Statistics (financial)
  • Master of Science in risk & Finance
  • MSc in Management & Strategy
  • Master of science in International Social & Public Policy
  • Margaret Basu scholarship
  • LSE Undergraduate scholarship
  • Chevening Scholarship



     9.  The University of Warwick:

Overall, the University of Warwick is well regarded for the caliber of its academic research. It is also well-known for its teachers, networking opportunities, student culture, and tutor-student interactions. This institution’s graduates are valued for their sophisticated industry understanding and sensibility. Furthermore, because of its great diversity, this is the college for student if they want to study in a mixed-culture setting.


Founded                1965
University Type           Public university
Estimated Tuition fees        £ 22,000*
Popular courses
  • Master of Science in International Trade, Strategy & operations
  • MSc in data Analytics
  • MA in Psychology & Education
  • MSc in International Business
  • Masters in journalism
  • WBS Scholarship
  • Warwick Undergraduate Global scholarship
  • WMG Excellence scholarship
  • Warwick Law school LLM scholarship



      10.  University of Bristol:

The University of Bristol blends scholarly distinction with a self-reliant and progressive mindset. The first university in the UK to declare a climate emergency was Bristol. Sustainability continues to be essential to our future vision, even in the face of an ambitious green strategy and cutting-edge environmental research. The institution provides many master’s degree programs, such as PhDs, MAs, MScs, and LLMs.


Founded               1876
University Type           Public university
Estimated Tuition fees            £ 20,000*
Popular courses
  • Master of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • MSc in Data Science
  • MA in History
  • MSc in Robotics
  • Master of science in Aerospace Engineering
  • University of Bristol Think Big Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Shared Scholarship
  • University of Bristol Science & Life Sciences India Undergraduate Scholarship



How to Choose best Universities in UK?

Selecting a university in the United Kingdom is a difficult decision. To make the process of choosing a UK institution easier, below is the following steps:

  • Decide on the field in which student wish to work. Jot down all of passion and goals for the future.
  • Examine the programs offered by the best universities on the list. The official university website has an updated and comprehensive list of programs.
  • Make a shortlist of the university programs that suits student interest.
  • Examine the curricula of every program that every university offers.
  • Verify the prerequisites and eligibility for the program.
  • Examine every other crucial element pertaining to the universities have in mind. Consider the city, pricing, weather, employment prospects for students, and lodging options.
  • After giving serious thought to all the variables, apply for the program that best suits career and personal objectives.


Every year, students from all over the world come to the UK to complete their master’s degrees because of its well-known universities and high standard of education. A successful future is undoubtedly guaranteed by enrolling in one of the best master’s programs in the UK.


Make sure student comprehend the prerequisites for admission, the process for obtaining a visa, and the expense of a master’s degree if student want to study in UK. But if ever feel lost or require comprehensive support from knowledgeable counselors, visit DY Immigration.




Q1. Which UK universities are the best for MS students?

Ans:  In addition to the universities listed above, some more master’s programs in the UK are:

  •  University of Glasgow
  • Southampton University
  • St Andrews University
  • Birmingham University
  • Durham University


Q2. What is the cost of MS in the UK?

Ans: The cost of MS in the UK might range from 20,000 to 60,000 GBP, depending on the university and subject applicant choose.


Q3. Which UK university offers master’s degrees at the lowest cost?

Ans: The following are a few of the least expensive master’s programs in the UK:

  • University of Chester,
  • University of Bedfordshire
  •  Newman University
  • Bolton University & more


Q4. For masters in the UK, which course is the best?

Ans: The following courses are available for a student to acquire a master’s degree:

Business , Engineering, Physiotherapy, Medicine, Maths, Computer Science, Law, Architecture Courses and more.