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Masters in International Business In UK

Master’s in International Business in UK: Best universities, Eligibility& Fees

A degree in international management widely sought after by students from other countries. In the current period of swift globalization and growing business, marketing requires proficiency and understanding. Overseas students have found the International Business in UK to be a favorable option for gaining exceptional leadership abilities and advancing their business careers.

In the UK, courses in International Business Management provide a proper balance of theoretical & practical. They cover topics like globalization and more. International Business course in the UK, aim to increase applicant knowledge and enhanced the job possibilities.

Read the blog to know about the studying master’s in international business in UK along with its eligibility criteria, best universities, and cost of study.


Why to Study International Business in UK?

If students particularly interested in understanding the worldwide viewpoint on company, any degree in international business management in UK will be a superior choice. Let’s explore the following reasons, students might choose to develop international business in UK:

  1. The UK’s business schools had the highest number of students enrolled in its PG-taught programs, according to HESA. For most overseas students interested in business degrees, the UK’s most popular program is an MBA in international business.
  2. The highest paying cities in the UK for international business graduates are Bristol, Birmingham, and Swindon.
  3. Global business and management school ranking QS News has placed thirteen UK universities offering an international business program among its top 100.


Best Universities for International Business in UK:

The following are the best universities in the UK for international business:


UK universities that offer programs in international business management routinely place highly in international rankings.




University of Manchester


Warwick university


Durham University



Lancaster University



University of Leeds


  1. Warwick University:

International business degrees are offered at Warwick Business School, one of the top 10 universities in the UK. To give students a deeper understanding of the business world, the curriculum places a heavy emphasis on a variety of international business practices. Students will pick up vital knowledge that enable them to face any business obstacle with assurance.

                           Estimated Fees Annually

Courses offered

Bachelors- INR 25,07,000*

Masters – INR 27,99,000*

Bachelor of Science in International Business

Master of Science in International Business

  1. University of Manchester:

The Alliance Manchester Business School’s International Business courses can help you prepare for the fast-paced world of international business in UK. Students can grow in their careers with this course. Applying for an international exchange program is one way to improve one’s employability in the global labor market.


                           Estimated fees annually

Courses offered

INR 24,58,000

MSc International Business & Management
  1. Durham University:

When it comes to MSc International Business programs at UK universities, Durham University Business School is the best. This program offers a one-year MSc in Management (International corporate), which aims to equip students with the information and abilities necessary for success in the corporate world.


                           Estimated fees annually

Courses offered

INR 24,58,000

Master of Science in management (International Business)
  1. Lancaster University:

The International Business and Strategy program at Lancaster University, which seeks to equip graduates with the abilities required to work for global organizations, has received approval from Ernst & Young (EY). In addition to the core courses, the students take part in a professional development program with the university’s dedicated career partners.


                           Estimated fees annually

Courses offered

23,08,000 INR

MSc International Business & Strategy
  1. University of Leeds:

The University of Leeds’ International Business degree has been recognized by the Institute of Export (IOE), a membership organization that represents the interests of all parties involved in international commerce. As with other international business management in UK universities, students can acquire the principles and skills of global business and management in this course.


                           Estimated fees annually

Courses offered

Bachelor’s degree- INR 26,62,000*

Master’s degree – INR 25,77,000*

Bachelor’s in business administration

Master of Science in International Business


Course Structure for International Business In UK:

The three primary topics covered in the International Business program—particularly the MBA in International Business in the UK—from the standpoint of the global market are management, marketing, and finance. Information about international marketplaces, their dangers, regulations, and laws pertaining to cross-border taxation are all covered in the curriculum. The topics covered in several well-liked courses offered in the UK include managing organizations, global and cross-cultural management, entrepreneurship and innovation, business economics, international business environments, and the principles of global marketing and accounting.


Eligibility Criteria for International Business In UK:

It is vital to comprehend the eligibility standards of the program prior to applying to the top UK institutions for international business. The following categories have been broadly categorized for eligibility:

  1. Educational background
  2. Language Requirement in English
  3. Employment History
  4. Visa & Passport


Let’s discuss in detail:


Educational Background: 

It is necessary to have a business studies degree—undergraduate, 12th, or equivalent—depending on your course level. A few courses, such International Business UK, Marketing, Management, Logistics, Accountancy, or Economics, are prerequisites for the program.


Language Requirement in English:

Students who are not native speakers, must meet language proficiency score and other pre-requisite. The required minimum scores are:

     IELTS: 6.0

    TOEFL- 90

     PTE- 58


 Employment History:

Applicants need to have at least 2 years of post-qualification experience to enroll in PG courses for International Business In UK. Holding work experience could also help to get accepted in the universities.


Visa & Passport:

For international students to be admitted to any foreign university, they must get a passport and visa. You need to apply for and hold a UK student visa to study at UK universities. Make sure applicant have at least three months to apply for the visa before they depart for the nation.



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Documents Required:

Below is the list of necessary documents required for International Business In UK:


  1. Transcripts of Academic Qualifications
  2. Original Academic Certificates
  3. English Language Proficiency
  4. GRE/GMAT (if required)
  5. SOP (Statement of Purpose: 300-500 words)
  6. 2 or 3 LOR’s (Letter of Recommendations)
  7. CV or resume with experience.
  8. Valid Passport copy
  9. Evidence of Funding


Admission Process for International Business In UK:

A comprehensive guide to applying to UK master’s programs in international business is provided below:

  1. Look for the best university that currently provides the international business courses applicant wish to enroll.
  2. Check out the official university website for information on the admissions procedure and qualifying requirements.
  3. Enclose scanned copies of any required documentation, such as transcripts, IELTS/TOEFL scores, and resume.
  4. Fill out the relevant application, then make the required payment.
  5. Once applicant clear all the requirements and make it through interview, they will get a conditional offer letter that will allow to secure a spot at that university.
  6. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of the university and paying deposit, candidate can enroll.


Cost of Studying:

One of the top choices for students doing an international business course in the UK is the UK. However, living there is among the priciest. The cost of living is influenced by several things. However, before enrolling in an international business program in the UK, it’s crucial to consider the cost of living and tuition:


Living Cost estimated

Estimated Tuition Fees

£ 1,300- 1,700/month for expenses

£ 25,000- 32,000 (INR 20,20,625-25,86,400)
Additional cost includes supplies, meals, and stationery.

Depends on the universities


Scholarships for International business in UK:

 Want to study International Business in UK? There are many universities offer scholarships to overseas students. Below are some of them:



Masters in International Business In UK Infographics






Felix scholarships

Students from India or other develop countries enroll for PG courses can avail the scholarship.

Cover tuition fees & living expense of EURO 15840 (INR 12,91,000)

Fulbright Scholarship

Overseas student registered for Graduate and Postgraduate.

Tuition fees, living expense, airfare and medical are included.

Future Fund Women Leadership

For female students registered for MSc in International Business

EURO 10,000 (INR 8,08,276)

Warwick International Scholarship

For Phd students with min 83% in Bachelors

Covers Tuition fees


Career after International Business In UK:

The following are a few well-liked, well-paying jobs with typical salaries:


Job Position

Estimated annually salary

Senior Marketing Manager

INR  39,13,000 £ (43,000)
Digital marketing Manage

45,50,000 INR £ (50,000)

Account Executive

INR  45,50,000 £ (50,000)
Business Manager  

39,13,000 INR (£43,000)


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Q1. What does International Business UK cover?

Ans: In the UK, there is a wide range of applications for international business, including corporate management, foreign investment, and other trade and commerce sectors in both the public and private sectors.


Q2. Does pursuing a BSc or MSc in International Business UK need work experience?

Ans: No, employment history is not a prerequisite for studying international business at UK universities for a BSc or MSc. Some colleges need job experience for Ph.D. candidates.


Q3. What is the required minimum GMAT score to be admitted to UK bachelor’s or master’s programs in international business?

Ans:Your chances of being accepted to study international business in the UK will not be impacted by your GMAT score because it is not a requirement for the International Business UK admission process.


Q4. Which UK universities rank highest for master’s programs in international business?

Ans:In addition to the mentioned earlier, the following are among the top 10 UK universities for international business:

1) University of Edinburgh

2) Birmingham University

3) University of Aston

4) Nottingham University

5) Exeter University


Q5. Which leading firms may I work for once I finish my studies in International Business UK?

Ans: Students can work for some well-known organizations after earning a degree from one of the top UK institutions for international business. A selection of well-known ones are listed below:


2) Deloitte

3) Bloomberg

4) Diageo Germany

5) Huawei Electronics

 6) Mercedes-Benz

7) Sony