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Ausralia PR Process, Cost

Australia PR Process for Visa, Eligibility & Requirements

Many foreign immigrants have Australia PR Visas on their wish lists. For individuals who are prepared to donate their knowledge and expertise to the country, there are limitless benefits available. If applicant is a qualified professional hoping to immigrate to Australia, they need to prepare their application by being well-versed in the Australia PR Process.


The Australian government’s immigration policies support the entry of skilled workers who possess extraordinary talent and subject-matter expertise and can boost the country’s economy. But the procedure can be intimidating and complicated. Check out the Australian PR Process step-by-step in this extensive guide.


What is a PR visa for Australia?


A person with an Australia PR visa can live, work, and settle in Australia permanently. It is based on points.

A candidate holding an Australian PR Visa is allowed to live there for a period of five years. However, one must first spend four years in Australia on a PR visa before applying for Australian citizenship through Process for Australia PR.


Benefits of Australia PR:


With several advantages, some of which are mentioned below, an Australia Permanent Residency Visa enables one to tour the nation and take advantage of prosperous employment opportunities and top-notch education.


  • Provide a family sponsorship to Australia visa for Permanent Residency
  • Free medical care
  • Social Security benefits eligibility after two years
  • Attend the world’s top institutions to further education.
  • $10,000 financial award for first-time homebuyers.
  • Living, working, and traveling in Australia.
  • Free schooling for children.
  • New Zealand is easily accessible.


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Various Australia PR Visa for Skilled Worker:


With a visa for permanent residence in Australia, there are various routes to immigrate:


    1.  Skilled Worker Visa:

To live and work permanently in Australia, foreign nationals with extraordinary skill sets may apply to one of the several skilled worker residence programs.

  • Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)
  • Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189)
  • (Provisional) Sponsored Visa or Skilled Nominated (Subclass 491)


      2.  Investment or Business Visa:

This program is intended for entrepreneurs wishing to launch or expand a company in Australia. Candidate must be invited to apply by a state or territory government and fulfill the program requirements.



Documents Required:

Here are some documents required for Australia PR:

  • Assessment of educational credentials
  • Form of application
  • Evidence of nomination (if necessary)
  • Results of an English language competency test
  • Certificate of Police Clearance
  • Proof of birth and
  • Two passport-sized photos.


Australia PR Process:

Candidates need to adhere to these 7 Australia PR Step By Step Processes in order to obtain an Australia Permanent Residency visa. See below for the easiest methods to obtain Australian PR from India:



Australia PR process step by step



          1. Check the eligibility for the Australia PR:

The first step in getting ready to apply for the PR Process is to look for a skilled immigration program that fits applicant needs and see whether they match the requirements listed under that program. Several permanent residency visas (PR visas) enable foreigners to settle permanently in Australia, including business, family sponsorship, and professional visas. Selecting the right kind of visa will reduce the likelihood that it will be denied.


Essential Qualifications for a PR visa for skilled workers in Australia are:

  • Candidate must be under 45 years to apply.
  • Find occupation in ANZSO list as per the applicant profile.
  • Accumulate over 65 points using the point gird method.


          2. English proficiency Test:

Without satisfactory English language test results, application for an Australian permanent residence visa is void. The two main exams used in Australia to demonstrate proficiency in English are IELTS, and PTE. Obtaining the necessary band score or points is necessary to apply for a PR visa to migrate to Australia.



          3. Skill Assessment for PR:

Getting degree and work experience accepted by Australian Immigration is the next and most important step in the Australian PR Process. A recognized organization called Skill Select evaluates applicant academic records to ensure they meet Australian equivalency standards.

Candidate must attach skill set to the EOI (Expression of Interest) for the application to be accepted.



         4. Submit EOI (Expression of Interest):

Registering EOI is one of the most important procedures in the Australian Permanent Residency Process when applying for an Australia visa. It expresses desire to work and reside in Australia while giving invaluable abilities to boost the economy of the nation.

To proceed, individual must register for an account on the Skill Select portal and complete the necessary fields with accurate data. If they meet specific requirements, like age, experience, qualification, and years of professional experience, EOI will be accepted.



         5. Get an Invitation to Apply:


The following phase in the PR process for Australia! Hold breath and wait for the application invitation (ITA).

An invitation to apply (ITA) will then be sent to applications with higher EOIs, increasing prospects of becoming a permanent resident of Australia.


           6. Submit Application:

Candidate must apply online for the visa as soon as they receive the invitation. After receiving an ITA, they will have sixty days to gather paperwork and apply for residency. When submitting application, be careful to provide precise and accurate information.

Once they have received application for a visa, the immigration authorities will notify applicant and assess it before processing it. During this period, wait for the decision with patience.

At the conclusion of processing, Australian Immigration will decide whether to approve or reject the application. If application is accepted, they will receive a permanent resident visa for Australia and be able to travel to one of the world’s most advanced nations.


          7. Submit Additional Records:

Without supplementary certifications proving the suitability as an Australian permanent resident, such as a medical or police clearance certificate, application is not complete.



Australia PR Requirements:

A minimum score of 65 is required to be eligible for the Australian PR process. The eligibility calculation score increases the chances of being invited to make an application for permanent residence in Australia. It might be possible for candidate to apply for an Australia PR Visa more quickly if they score between 80 and 85 points.


There are several categories under which applicant can apply for an Australian permanent resident visa, each with its own set of requirements. Nonetheless, the following broad requirements must be met:



Maximum Point



Language Proficiency


Job experience outside Australia (last 10 year)


Job experience in Australia (last 10 year)




Australia Study Requirement (92 weeks course)


Specialist education Qualification in Australia (Masters/Doctorate)


Education in Regional area


Designated language (NAATI Translator/ Interpreter)


A year of professional study in an Australian skilled program (IT/ Engineering)


(190 visa) State sponsorship


Spouse with positive skill assessment & proficiency in English


Spouse with competent English 


Without spouse or if spouse is an PR holder/ Australian citizen


Regional sponsorship or relative (491 visa)


  • Age:

If applicant is between the age of 25 and 32, they can earn up to 30 points. If candidate want to apply for a PR visa, they must be under 45 years old.


  • English Language Proficiency:

In Australia’s PR Process individual must earn 6 band in each module in the IELTS exam, they will receive up to 20 points. For the PR Process in Australia, however, candidates are allowed to take any English proficiency test, such as the, PTE, or IELTS, according to Australian immigration officials. Any of these tests can be attempted to receive the required score.


  • Job Experience:

Candidate will receive 15 points if they have worked in skilled employment outside of Australia for more than 8 years in the last 10 years; fewer years of experience translates into fewer points. Applicant can receive up to 20 points if they have eight or ten years of experience in Australia as of the application date.


  • Qualifications:

Australia Points are granted based on the educational criteria and the level of qualification. The highest points will go to a PhD from an Australian university or one from a university abroad, provided that the Australian government recognizes it.


  • Skilled Occupation List:

The applicant for the Australia PR Process must choose one of the skilled jobs from the lists below. The professions for which immigration to Australia is currently allowed are included in the list. The vocations on the lists are frequently updated to reflect changes in the Australian labor market. Here are three categories for the SOL:

  1. MLTSSL (Medium- & long-term Strategic Skills List)
  2. SSOL (Short- term Skilled Occupation List)
  3. ROL (Regional Occupations List)


  • Spouse Application:

Applicant will receive extra points for Skill Select Expression of Interest if their spouse is also applying for a PR visa. To receive these extra 10 points, spouse needs to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Applicant must be under 45 years of age.
  • should possess English proficiency at the fundamental level.
  • The primary applicant list and the job occupation code ought to be in the same occupation list.




Regional Area Study


Licensed in community Language (NAATI)


A year of professional study in an Australian skilled program


(190 visa) State sponsorship


Regional sponsorship or relative (491 visa)



Recent Changes in Australian PR point Visa:


Australia’s points-based immigration system has undergone modifications. The following modifications have been made to the points-based system for Australia PR Visas:

  • 10 points are awarded to applicants who do not have a partner or spouse.
  • If their partner or spouse meets the requirements, they will receive 10 points.
  • Candidates who are nominated by a State or Territory government or who are sponsored by a family member who resides in Australia receive 15 points.
  • Applicants with STEM backgrounds receive 10 points.
  • Those who have a spouse or partner who speaks English fluently will receive 5 points. In such a scenario, the partner or spouse is not eligible to have their skills assessed.


Cost of Australian PR Process:

 Here is the cost for the Australian visa process from India:


Subclass Visa

Primary Applicant Secondary applicant (18 years or above)

Child applicant under 18 years

Subclass visa 189

4,640 AUD*

2,320 AUD*

1.160 AUD*

Subclass visa 190

4,640 AUD*

2,320 AUD*

1.160 AUD*

Subclass Visa 491

4,640 AUD*

2,320 AUD*

1.160 AUD*



 Factor affecting processing time of Australia PR:

Processing time can be impacted by numerous factors. Every month, the time may change due to a variety of variables, including the volume of applications received, peak application seasons, an increase in complex situations, or incomplete applications. Additional factors influencing processing times are as follows:

  • Improper applications
  • Absence of supporting documentation
  • It takes time to respond to any questions that immigration agents may have.
  • Demand in Australia for the applicant’s line of work
  • Not enough points earned by the candidate.
  • Prolonged verification procedure
  • It takes time to get information on character or health from other sources.
  • The quantity of spots available in the program for migration.


The duration of the PR process in Australia for skilled workers varies from 6 to 12 months, contingent upon the volume of applications submitted.


Despite being relatively straightforward, the immigration procedure necessitates close oversight and in-depth advice from qualified immigration consultants. DY Immigration is an expert in Australia migration, can help ensure a simple and easy Australia PR process.


To begin Australian PR process, get in contact with our immigration specialists!




Q1. What is the cost of Australian PR for Indians?

Ans: For Indians, the entire cost of Australian PR is $4,640 Australian dollars, or roughly INR 275,000. Applicants may calculate the overall cost of the PR visa, including the application fees, by adding up all these expenses.


Q2. Does Australia grant PR with ease?

Ans: The nation has declared additional routes for TR to PR. The nation intends to accept 2.5 lakh working adults. There is a severe shortage of qualified experts in Australia. There are 800,000 employment vacancies across several industries. Immigration laws have also been loosened by the Australian government. Therefore, this is a great chance to seize the possibility to become a permanent resident of Australia.


Q3. What is the required amount of money to obtain a PR visa for Australia?

Ans: PR visa’s overall cost will vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for, application fees, medical exam, English language test, health insurance, number of dependents, Australian flight, and other incidental expenses.


Q4. Which exam is necessary to obtain a PR visa for Australia?

Ans: By passing the designated English language test, candidate ought to possess the necessary fluency in the language. The results of several English proficiency exams, such as the PTE and IELTS, are accepted by Australian immigration officials.


Q5. Can we use 75 points to obtain PR for Australia?

Ans: The candidate needs to receive at least 65 points to be eligible for an Australia PR visa. You need to receive at least 65 points to be eligible for an Australia skilled worker visa (subclass 189, subclass 190, or subclass 491).